Publications of the CGL


The Centre of Garden Art and Landscape Architecture initiated its own series of papers with the title "CGL Studies" in 2005. With the CGL Studies we intend to make the results of research that is carried out within the CGL or in cooperation between the CGL and other institutions available to an interested general public.

CGL progress reports

The CGL’s progress reports regularly provide an overview of the activities, projects and events of the past years as well as a preview of planned activities and research projects and those that are being prepared.


Prior to most of the CGL’s symposia and workshops, brochures are printed with summaries of the lectures and short CVs of the speakers. Short brochures are also produced for a number of research topics.

Other publications

Some of the results of the CGL’s research projects and symposia are published outside its own series of papers. Likewise the CGL participates in publication projects that are directly connected with the centre’s research activities.